International road freight transport
Intra-Community | Extra-Community

Counseling and assistance

We offer advice and assistance throughout the transport process.

Door-to-Door Transport

We offer the possibility to deliver the goods in a “door-to-door” system, through our network of partners.

Additional insurance of goods

We offer the possibility of additional insurance of the transported goods.

Qualified and certified partners

We work with qualified and certified carriers and partners to deliver the goods in optimal conditions.

Our team is focused in finding solutions tailored made to your needs, in a no-time and efficiently way. We are results-oriented and we have the flexibility to approach the situations encountered in our collaboration with your suppliers, customers, but also your partners.


Through the national freight transport service, we provide you with optimized and cost-effective solutions for the delivery of goods to the final destination chosen by your customers, throughout Romania, with delivery time between 24-48 hours, depending on the destination.


We promote sustainable and eco-friendly transport services, therefore we want to work together on measures to improve the quality of the environment, by raising awareness and forming a positive attitude and active involvement.