• OFFICE: Strada Huşi, Nr 4, Bl B35, Sc 3, Etaj 1, Ap. 40, sector 3, Bucureşti, Cod 041483
  • PHONE: 0740804868
  • EMAIL: sales@transalkim.ro

Shipping and delivery
The delivery of the products can be made in the accepted interval according to the transport order and from the moment when all the order details have been validated (payment method, payment term). The order processing term is with immediate effect.

Shipping costs
They can vary depending on the distance traveled (km), the gross weight, the size of the pallet / package, the type of goods (ADR or non-ADR, perishable, oversized, stackable or non-stackable).

How do I pay?
Payment can be made:

  • new customer: payment before unloading the goods
  • Transalkim customer: according to contract / order

Subsequent price changes
For the subsequent price changes related entirely to the loaded goods (volume: cbm / ldm, type of ADR / non-ADR goods, stackable / non-stackable, real gross weight), Transalkim RO SRL may reserve the right, in case the customer does not agree with the new price, to refuse the order and delivery of goods, if the price change is disproportionate to the actual price of the service and the application of a cost called “missed pickup”. It is established, depending on several parameters such as: the distance of the truck dislocation in order to collect the goods, as well as the volume / space reserved on the truck.

Applicable law
Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the site and any attempt to defraud will be reported to the competent authorities. Any conflict between the company and the customer will be resolved amicably by agreement between the two parties. If this is not possible, the Romanian legal provisions in this field will be applied, and the settlement of disputes is within the competence of the Romanian courts.