National road freight

24-48 hours delivery

Delivery time is 24-48 hours, depending on the destination where your goods will be delivered.

Daily shipments from Bucharest

We have the tools to offer daily departures of goods from Bucharest to other destinations.

Door-to-Door transport

We provide the possibility to deliver the goods in a “door-to-door” system, through our network of partners.

Great pricing system

We created an advantageous and flexible pricing system, adapted to each customer’s needs.

Transalkim RO, through its national transport services, provides you with optimized and cost-effective solutions for the shipments delivered to your customers, throughout Romania.


We carry out the transport of intra-community / extra-community goods to international destinations. We work with qualified and certified carriers and partners to deliver the goods in optimal conditions.


We promote sustainable and ecological transport services, therefore we want to work together on measures to improve the quality of the environment, by raising awareness and forming a positive attitude and active involvement.