Air and sea freight

Air freight

Transalkim RO SRL forwarding company, through a global network of partners, provides you with air transport service, with door-to-door delivery of goods. We also provide advice throughout the transport process (customs assistance, additional insurance cargo, advice in case of uncertainty regarding the international safety provisions and more).

Air transport is the ideal solution for those who have to transport goods over long distances and in a short time in any location in the world.

Among the destinations covered we mention: China, India, USA and others.

Sea freight

The transports on a long distance, does not mean just delivery at final destination, but also cost efficiency…and, if it does not require a short transit time – the cost control becomes a priority!

Through our partners around the globe, your goods can easily reach their final destination via sea, FTL (full load container) or LTL (part load container), with a large experience in shipping of all types of industrial and consumer goods.

Constant and efficient travel ensures that your shipping of goods will always reach customers in time.

Transalkim RO, through its air and sea transport service, provides you with optimized and cost-effective solutions for the delivery of goods to your customers.


We carry out the transport of intra-community / extra-community goods to international destinations. We work with qualified and certified carriers and partners to deliver the goods in optimal conditions.


We promote sustainable and eco-friendly transport services, therefore we want to work together on measures to improve the quality of the environment, by raising awareness and forming a positive attitude and active involvement.